"Earn More You're Worth It" Master Objection Handling

In this course from the "Earn More You're Worth It" Series you will learn how to handle objections like a professional. Your ability to navigate conditions, get beyond the excuses and handle the objections which occur is what will ultimately separate you from your average or below average competition, increase your closing ratio and increase your income.

  • You will Understand Conditions, Excuses and Objections
  • Learn The 10 Keys To Increase Your Closing Ratio
  • Learn The Six Simple Steps to Handling Objections
  • LEAD People To The Best Decision And Increase Your Profits
  • Learn To Create And Present Powerful Visuals

At 180 Seminars we believe that “Success Is A Daily Journey”, not a destination. Make every day count. Be your best. Enjoy the journey. Please know that we are committed to helping in any way we can.



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