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Skill Building And Mastery                     

SKILL BUILDING is a two step process. First you must learn the skills you require and master them. Second is to apply those skills in a way that empowers your ongoing, consistent success. 

180 Seminars can help you learn the skills you need and how to apply them in a powerful and profitable way. 

Vinnie Romano is a Master Trainer with over 40 years of real world experience helping people achieve their dreams. 

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Accountability And Coaching        

REACHING THE next level in business and life takes real work. Going it alone is one path but why reinvent the wheel?

Successful people in all walks of life have one thing in common - teachers, mentors, trainers; no matter their title, successful people have a "coach". Think of your favorite athlete, musician, author, artist, leader, entrepreneur, business leader; research them to see who they looked up to for guidance and accountability.  

Vinnie's offers his years of experience as a professional musician, recruiter, sales person, Master Trainer, Professional Speaker, Emcee, Business Coach, Presentation Specialist and sales manager of an office of over 150 people, to successfully help thousands of people set goals, take action and be persistent in achieving their dreams. 

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LIVE or ONLINE Success Training     

For Live Seminars, Workshops, Keynotes, Coaching, Online training, Team Building or Management Consultations; contact Vinnie today.



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